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Food innovation solutions: Collaborate to innovate at a time where consumers demand more

2 min read
Azelis innovation day

Consumers have always looked for food & beverages to be tasty, convenient and at the right price but now increasingly they are looking for more. 

Certainly, concerns about the environment and sustainability were growing before the pandemic, with topics such as carbon footprint, animal welfare and food waste gathering pace. These concerns have driven the growth of plant based and flexitarian diets within the last 2 years and the market has seen a surge in new product development of vegan or plant-based food and beverages. From being niche to mainstream in such a short space of time demonstrates a very high consumer interest.  

The pandemic has also put a sharper focus on solutions around wellbeing such as gut health and immunity followed by managing fat and sugar intake. There has also been a heightened awareness of allergens with Natasha’s law coming into force. 

This certainly gives brand owners quite a tick list to tackle.

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A day of innovation and expertise with Azelis

It is more challenging than ever for manufacturers to keep up with the constantly changing consumer diet and lifestyle needs.

Azelis helps manufacturers to embrace this challenge. We lead with innovation, answering market needs and work closely with our customers to create healthier and more sustainable products. 

The skill is not to propose a single ingredient, but to show how to make different ingredients work together to create the magic. With the wealth of ingredients, expertise on how to exploit their synergies, creative flair and the knowledge of the marketplace, Azelis helps develop tasteful solutions giving consumers those moments of guiltless joy.

Azelis Food and Nutrition combines science and the art of innovation. Our creative and collaborative approach supports manufacturers in developing more unique flavours and experiences than ever. Science and innovation are even more important in this era of change, as we look for healthier and more environmentally friendly ways to produce and consume.

Together, we can deliver the exceptional. Our specialists are here to collaborate with yours to ensure every new development looks, feels and tastes fantastic.

There is so much to explore and share.

We create better when we create together! Join us.

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