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Welcome and thank you for joining me this weekend…for the last time.

Fret not, Food Matters Weekly will still be in your inbox every Saturday morning – expertly put together by my colleague James – but it’s time for me to bid you adieu.

This will be my last editorial for the newsletter, as after a wonderful two and a half years at Food Matters Live it’s time for me to move on.

I have loved writing my weekly Welcome from the editor, and I have to admit, at the beginning I was even a little surprised that so many of you actually read it, and kept reading it.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my commentary, observations, reflections, little snippets of personal life and, occasionally, not so thinly veiled digs, but new adventures await me, and I must respond to their call.

My favourite editorials have discussed supermarket shortages (A plate of cobwebs), my grandmother’s superb culinary skills (Memories of food), my ode to autumn – and cutting down on food waste (One person’s waste is another person’s treasure), a celebration of the art of enjoying life (The return of the bon vivant), the one in which I bragged about the years I studied Latin (Mens sana in corpore sano) and the one in which I criticised those who bang on about climate change but don’t put their money where their mouth is (Let them eat cake). There are probably more, but forgive me if I’ve forgotten them, this is the 97th ‘Weekly Waffle‘ – as I affectionately call it – that I’ve written, so memory is failing me a little.

This week I have decided to include some of your favourite articles in Weekly. I hope you enjoy a little stroll down memory lane.

And whilst I may be leaving Food Matters Live, I am not leaving the exciting, innovative, inspiring and often, let’s be honest, problematic world of food. I’ll keep writing, I’ll keep ranting, I’ll keep discovering and, of course, I’ll keep eating.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and a superb future ahead.

I will miss you.