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Atlantic Food Labs relaunches as FoodLabs with €100M fund for impactful foodtech start-ups

2 min read
AUTHOR: Tilly St Aubyn
Two men - Christophe Maire and Patrick Huber from FoodLabs

Photo courtesy of FoodLabs/LinkedIn

Atlantic Food Labs, a subsidiary of Berlin-based fund Atlantic Labs, is relaunching as FoodLabs and will be dedicated to investing in the most innovative and impactful food tech start-ups with a particular focus on Europe.

FoodLabs will focus its €100M towards scalable business models that encourage a more efficient and sustainable food industry across agriculture, production, distribution, human health and zero waste.

Since it was founded by investor Christophe Maire in 2016, Atlantic Food Labs’ previous investments include start-ups such as Choco, a food delivery app; Infarm, an urban farming start-up; Mushlabs, a biotechnology start-up and Gorillas, an e-grocery platform. Through the new fund, FoodLabs hopes to double down on its approach in the foodtech space.

Some of the start-ups already in the newly launched fund include Kitch, a software for delivery services; The Plate, a culinary creator platform; Airfarm, a digital platform for farmers; and Habitual, a digital health start-up.

Speaking to Tech Crunch, CEO of Atlantic Labs Christophe Maire said: “I started the food labs five years ago because simply I felt the food industry is one of the most relevant industries for human health but one of the most irrelevant industries to the climate. I believe that entrepreneurs can help us solve some of the key issues of our time. We started, relatively small, so we invested around $15 million, but along the way, I discovered that the potential is much bigger than I ever imagined. So now we are setting up this €100 million fund.

“I have a great team and all the people who are really into the mission. And I think this is the best thing I’ve ever done in my career. It’s a fantastic space and it’s very fascinating.”, he added.


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