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Aquamin delivers proven gut health benefits

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AUTHOR: Stef Bottinelli

Aquamin, a natural, sustainably-sourced ingredient is derived from the cytoskeleton of the Lithothamnion red seaweed species. With a rich nutritional profile of highly-bioavailable calcium, magnesium and over 72 additional trace minerals, Aquamin works synergistically to enhance gut health and the microbiome in a number of important ways.

Crucially, it is backed by extensive, peer-reviewed research* that support its efficacy and positive impact in this increasingly influential health and wellness space.  

Supports prebiotic and probiotic activity

Aquamin plays a key role in keeping the gut microbiota healthy. Independent studies carried out at internationally-renowned clinical centres of excellence for gastro-intestinal health demonstrate that Aquamin is selectively used by micro-organisms in the gut to improve the microbiome; allowing it to be considered a mineral prebiotic.  

Further studies show that Aquamin also outperforms other prebiotics in terms of its positive impact on the numerous factors governing gut health and the microbiome – particularly regulating the inflammatory mediators NF-kB, TNFalpha, IL-1beta and IL-4. A valuable point of difference in an increasingly crowded category.

Given the health-promoting benefits of beneficial gut bacteria, Aquamin’s natural ability to act as a carrier and synbiotic for probiotics is equally important. Providing outstanding loading characteristics, stability and viability, Aquamin protects the probiotic cargo from the severe acidic conditions of the gastric phase of digestion thanks to its calcium carbonate superstructure – and so supports a balanced gut microflora.

Strengthens gut barrier integrity

Research carried out to understand Aquamin’s mode of action in the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract provides additional robust evidence of its positive contribution.

Aquamin organises and systematically arranges the proteins that are most important for the creation of the gut’s impermeable membrane. And it does so to a greater extent compared to calcium alone; an outcome that again underlines the benefits of Aquamin’s unique multi-mineral composition.

By helping to maintain a healthy digestive barrier, it not only reduces chronic inflammation in the gut, it also prevents ‘leakage’ of undigested foods, bacteria, toxins and viruses into the blood stream. In this way, Aquamin supports gut integrity which in turn benefits the immune system and overall health.

Not only that, studies also point to wider benefits of Aquamin including protecting against fatty liver disease while on a high fat diet, improving the symptoms of colitis and significantly reducing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) activity.

Consumer-winning products

With consumers increasingly aware of the link between gut health and mental and physical wellbeing, demand for food and beverage products positioned on this platform is widely expected to soar. To fully embrace this opportunity, manufacturers need to create high-performance products that resonate with consumers and deliver results. As a natural, sustainable and science-backed ingredient, Aquamin aligns with many of the factors shaping consumer buying decisions; making it the ideal choice to support gut health NPD strategies.

To find out how you can use Aquamin to develop a range of gut-friendly products, visit Aquamin or get in-touch. We’d be delighted to help.

*References available, on request

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