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Alpha Foods and The EVERY Co. team up to improve and expand alternative proteins category

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
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Image credit: Alpha Foods

California-based Alpha Foods has signed a Joint Development Agreement with animal-free protein producer The EVERY Co. to improve the taste and texture of non-animal products and expand the category.

While neither company has released specific details on how they plan to collaborate, they said their new partnership will provide Alpha Foods access to The EVERY Company’s animal-free EVERY EggWhite, which is described as ‘a better-binding alt meat solution’ that can enhance the taste and texture of plant-based proteins.

The EVERY EggWhite ingredient is an egg white protein identical to its animal-based counterpart, except that no animal has been used to develop it.

In comparison to cellular agriculture, the company says it does not use animal cells but a specific ‘protein recipe’ to create its product. With access to an array of DNA sequences from a data library EVERY Co. can create the same DNA sequences that hens use to produce protein, which are then transformed into the egg white protein through a process of precision fermentation.

The ingredient is said to add ‘meatier’ textures to alternative proteins without the need for additives or ultra processed binding agents.

EVERY Co. also made headlines last year with hard beverages start-up Pulp Culture for launching what they say is the world’s first protein-enriched alcoholic drink.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Alpha Foods to work hand-in-hand to craft better-than-ever alt meat offerings, unlocking the massive potential of this category to drive the next generation of kinder consumer-favorite foods,” said EVERY Co-Founder and CEO Arturo Elizondo.

“Expansion to alt meat allows us to further our goal of offering game-changing solutions to visionary F&B brands across a variety of categories, co-creating next-gen foods at the forefront of sustainability, food safety and clean label.”

Unlike standard hen’s egg white, EVERY Co. egg white protein is certified by The Vegan Society due to its animal-free formulation.

Alpha Foods says the new partnership will offer a way to expand its meat alternatives category, which is otherwise fully plant-based. The company’s present alt protein offering includes chick’n meatballs, nuggets and patties, meatless strips and crumbles, breakfast sandwiches, tamales, burritos and wraps.

“At Alpha Foods we believe that everyone, meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike, should be welcomed to enjoy their plant-based products without any ‘labels’ or judgment, savoring all the health and environmental benefits that they provide,” says Alpha Co-Founder and CEO Cole Orobetz.

“We’re drawn to EVERY’s animal-free proteins given they’re designed to help bridge the gap between plant-based products and the real thing, broadening the category to attract new consumers. We are very excited about this collaboration and look forward to bringing products to consumers soon.”

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