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Agtech company Semios acquires Agworld to accelerate farm management solutions

2 min read
AUTHOR: Tilly St Aubyn
tractor in a field at dusk

Vancouver-based agtech company Semios has acquired data-driven farm management platform, Agworld to centralise management of crop data for growers around the globe. The collaboration will enable new solutions for growers and retailers along the agricultural supply chain across US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South Africa. 

Semios is a precision-farming platform for permanent crops such as tree fruit, nuts and vines. Through a network of sensors which provide over 500M data points measuring climate, soil moisture, insect and disease activity, growers are provided with actionable insight to ensure best-quality produce. Semios was named a 2020 Global Cleantech 100 company.

Headquartered in Australia, Agworld, is an information management platform enabling the sharing of data amongst farmers, contractors, banks and other necessary stakeholders. The standardised database enables all parties to efficiently work on the same data.

As growing conditions become increasingly challenging for farmers in all parts of the world, there is an increasing demand for effective farm and crop management systems. Semios believes that the centralisation of data systems that Agworld provides is an effective solution to the challenges farming currently faces.

Agworld CEO Doug Fitch commented: “Empowering growers with data for better analysis, insight and action is at the core of what we do.” He continued:The agricultural industry has long demanded the benefits of managing their crops from start to finish with a single solution, which is why I’m so excited about this next step of the journey for both Agworld and Semios together. The availability of important data to growers and their stakeholders for real-time decision-making through one platform is key to improving the sustainable performance of farming operations.”

Semios CEO Dr. Michael Gilbert said: “Through the acquisition of Agworld, Semios is furthering its commitment to simplifying the grower’s experience through leveraging technology to deliver critical insights”.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Agworld to the Semios family, securing the future of independent farm data ownership in Agriculture. Semios and Agworld are closely aligned in our values and culture and are driven by a shared goal of driving much needed innovations, and ultimately profitable solutions that make a difference to growers and their service providers” he added.