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AgroScout closes $7.5M in its Series A funding round to develop its AI agronomy platform

2 min read
AUTHOR: Tilly St Aubyn

AI agronomy platform, AgroScout, has announced its recent Series A funding round totalling $7.5M which it will use to expand its agronomy analytics service to farms worldwide. AgroScout enables improved yields predictions for growers and offers farmers, agribusinesses and food manufacturers an opportunity to create more sustainable, environmentally-friendly food and agriculture supply chains. By collating in-depth data through an AI cloud platform, AgroScout offers analytics and subsequent insights for growers, large and small, to manage their crops in line with the rising demand for sustainable crop protection. The platform monitors the crops throughout the season as well as pests and diseases, and decreases pesticide use when it detects low infestation levels.  

The investment round was led by Kibbutz Yotvata, with other investors including Agriline, Kibbutz Yiron, The Trendlines Group, a collegiate of private investors and the Israel Innovation Authority, said the press release.

Dubi Goldman, Business Development Manager of Kibbutz Yotvata said: “We believe in investing in breakthrough agriculture technologies and AgroScout perfectly matched what we were looking for. As farmers of over 60 years, working in difficult desert areas, we appreciate the tremendous value AgroScout brings to growers.”

AgroScout CEO Simcha Shore remarked: “Our decision to rely fully on stable off-the-shelf hardware has paid off and allowed us to focus our efforts on our remote agronomy analytics, positioning AgroScout as a true anywhere, anytime provider. We are now proud to bring on new partners to expand our platform to almost any field crop and to offer sustainable and efficient remote agronomy services to most of the 500 million unserved growers.” 

AgroScout is headquartered in California and has national projects under way in the US, Latin America, South Africa and Israel.