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Part-time learning – full on future. University of Greenwich

3 min read
AUTHOR: Grace Williams contributor: University of Greenwich

Discover an MSc for Food Supply Chain professionals. How to succeed when you’re pushed for time.

The pace of modern life can be frenetic. We have access to powerful technology to help us juggle the competing demands on our time. However, we can often be so distracted that it ends up having the opposite effect. If you ever get to the end of the day feeling tired and as if you’ve over-promised and under-delivered, you’re not alone.

Throw into the mix the thought of studying for a qualification to help your next career move within the food industry and you may think, “where on earth will I find the time for that?” But don’t worry, the solution is here.

The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) at the University of Greenwich, offers an e-learning, part-time MSc in Food Safety and Quality Management (FSQM). A Programme designed by busy people, for busy people.


Earning while learning

The idea for an e-learning MSc FSQM grew out of demand from busy food supply chan who want to consolidate their industry knowledge with an academic qualification. NRI’s three-year MSc is specifically designed to enhance promotability or facilitate a future career change. It contains lots of support to help students who are combining study with work and a busy home life.

Something we hear a lot here from our recent graduates, is that their only regret is not enrolling with us sooner. We offer the opportunity for students to keep ‘earning while learning’, a huge plus if you have other commitments.

Many employers are supportive of their staff studying part-time to further their knowledge and enhance overall career prospects. Our lecturers here at NRI have a flexible approach and are always happy to schedule in tutorials and catch-ups to suit the students.

Anasynchronous programme

The programme is delivered asynchronously – on demand – online. With pre-recorded lectures and tutorials meaning that busy people do not have to take time off work. This allows great flexibility around work schedules and other life events. One of our students is completing her degree from the Seychelles along with a full-time job.

It is recommended that students should spend about 10 hours per credit studied (so a 15-credit module would equal to 150 hours). That includes everything, from listening to pre-recorded lectures, to reading and working on the assignments.

If you’re currently working in the food supply chain and would like to consolidate your knowledge and experience as well as improve your skills in order to progress on your chosen career path, then this could be the MSc for you – you can read more about it here. Please do get in touch with us to find out more.