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A Master’s course on ‘Drinking, Eating, and Living’ launches at Sciences Po Lille in France

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
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One of France’s most reputable schools for political science, Sciences Po Lille, has launched a new course on how to drink, eat, and live well.

Named ‘Boire, Manger, Vivre (BMV)’, the course is led by a leading lecturer in economics and previous director of the establishment, Benoît Lengaigne.

The course aims to tackle issues related to culture, the environment, and international relations all within the topic of food and nutrition.

The Master’s aims to teach students about new ways of making, preserving, eating and trading food, through an international lens.

The course was first proposed to students at Sciences Po Lille in 2021, and was initially met with laughter, according to a report from Le Monde. The 15 students who were selected to test out the course however were soon envied by their peers, the report says.

While part of the course also involves bringing students to various food and drink conferences and events, Lengaigne states that the course is primarily focused helping students address social and political issues related to food.

Some aspects of the course include classes on ‘terrestrial foods’, ‘gastro-diplomacy’, addressing sexism and harassment in hospitality, and food tech according to a report in The Telegraph.

“For 20 year old students, this is one of the best ways to help stir their passion for changing or saving the world through a future profession,” Lengaigne told Le Monde.

According toBenoît Lengaigne, teaching food and nutrition must involve both discussions on the environment and on culture. He says: “It is not a question of dividing nature and culture, on the contrary, because we cultivate the land and the environment is social. This fundamental link between environment and culture is the foundation of BMV.”

There is also an entrepreneurial aspect to the Master’s for those who aspire to enter the food tech world, who are able to receive extra support for projects focused in this sector, according to the course page on Science Po Lille’s website.

During the course students can also undertake a work placement in the food and drinks sector.

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