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A career change is on the horizon for 60% of us

2 min read
AUTHOR: Grace Williams

Why is that?

A report by Aviva has found that three fifths of UK workers intend to make changes to their careers as a result of the Covid outbreak. 

The report found:

  • Number of workers planning career changes has increased from 53% to 60% since July 2020.
  • A fifth of UK adults hope to generate an income stream from a hobby.
  • Nearly 700,000 workers plan to switch to a role which helps others.
  • Under-25s are most likely to be re-thinking their careers as a result of the pandemic (87%).


Unsurprisingly, the most prominent change that people would like to make in their work life is the ability to work from home. Does this mean that home-working has been seen as a benefit from the pandemic for some?

Aviva’s report, ‘How We Live’ reveals that London has the strongest desire to work from home where one in six would like to work remotely. 

Career change at any age

“People aged under 25 are most likely to want to make changes to their work plans in the next 12 months as a result of the pandemic, with 87% re-evaluating their careers.” – Aviva

“Age doesn’t change a person’s mental approach to work. Someone who was adventurous at 30 is just as likely to be willing to take risks at 60.” – Aviva

Gareth Hemming, of Aviva, said: “As the pandemic has continued, an increasing number of people have given thought to what they want from their careers and now three-fifths of people would like to make changes to their working lives.”

Source: Read the artile and report by Aviva