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Event series 2024

Tastes of Better programme

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Programme structure

Tastes of Better encompasses a blend of tasting sessions, technical presentations and valuable insights, offering knowledge about the latest ingredient solutions and how to successfully implement them into your product development and reformulation challenges.

Alongside the tasting sessions, the Insights programme is your chance to get ahead of the curve by tapping into leading-edge thinking and emerging trends in food and drink innovation. On each day, we’ll be hosting three topical trends panels featuring a stellar line-up of speakers who will share the very latest thinking alongside practical advice and actionable insights, to ensure you in the best position possible to seize new opportunities and implement innovative solutions. The sessions will repeat for both days, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of content.

To round off your day at Tastes of Better, you will be able to enjoy some networking drinks alongside the final panel, giving you a chance to catch up with the connections you’ve made at the event.

Insights panels

9:00 – 9:45 Food trends 2030: the mega trends driving change and innovation across the food and drink sector

Bringing together expert speakers and industry professionals to explore how megatrends are driving change, innovation and development in the food and drink industry in 2025 and beyond. How will they impact consumer attitudes, tastes and buying decisions and how will this influence future food and drink innovation.


  • Robert Lawson, Managing Partner, Food Strategy Associates (16 April)
  • Gail Stevenson, Insights Partner – Health and Sustainability, Tesco (16 April)
  • Megan Van Someren, CCO, Jamie Oliver Group (17 April)
  • Edward Bergen, Senior Analyst: Food & Nutrition, FutureBridge (17 April)

13:45 – 14:30 The emerging and future trends driving sustainable food and drink solutions

This forward-looking panel of experts will come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the food and drink industry:

  • How consumer engagement on sustainability is shifting
  • How food companies can deliver social value and develop transparency in their supply chain
  • New food design ecosystems – putting sustainability front and centre of NPD or reformulation
  • The evolution of eco-labelling and how it will shape the market


  • Ollie Rosevear, Sustainability Director, Fuller Smith & Turner (16 April)
  • Sam McCarthy, Head of Sustainability, Nando’sTesco (16 April)
  • Natasha Maynard, Sustainability Programme Manager, IGD (17 April)

16:30 – 17:15 Culinary insights: the latest gastronomic trends and innovations creating memorable journeys for diners

With the focus on sustainability, local ingredients and celebrating cultural diversity, restaurants are no longer just about food but about creating an experiential, memorable journey for every diner. Driven by a commitment to enhance the culinary experience, push boundaries and create exceptional dining experiences, this panel brings together leading chefs and innovators who are setting new standards in the industry. Exploring the ever-evolving culinary landscape, hear directly from executive and development restaurant chefs as they lead the way on culinary excellence, innovation and exploration.


  • Dominic Teague, Executive Chef, One Alydwych (16 April)

The speakers

Photo of Gail Stevenson - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Gail Stevenson

Head of Product Insight, Tesco

Photo of Robert Lawson - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Robert Lawson

Managing Partner, Food Strategy Associates

Photo of Dominic Teague - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Dominic Teague

Executive Chef, One Alydwych

Photo of Megan Van Someren - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Megan Van Someren

CCO, Jamie Oliver Group

Photo of Edward Bergen - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Edward Bergen

Senior Analyst: Food & Nutrition, FutureBridge

Photo of Natasha Maynard - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Natasha Maynard

Sustainability Programme Manager, IGD

Photo of Ollie Rosevear - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Ollie Rosevear

Sustainability Director, Fuller Smith & Turner

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